Read Full Details of How Bristow Helicopter Crashed in Lagos

The Full details of the ill-fated Bristow helicopter crash in the Oworonshoki area of Lagos has been revealed. Bristow Helicopters chopper plunged into the Lagos Lagoon on the 12th of August at about 3:10pm at Oworonsoki with a total of 14 people aboard.
The crashed plane was sighted by fishermen who swung into action immediately to rescue the victims. 8 people survived and are currently receiving treatment due to varying degrees of injuries sustained. Four dead bodies were recovered on the first day while two others were discovered the following day. Their bodies have been desposited at the morgue.
The chopper, marked 5N – BDG – 760540, was flying from an oil rig between Ondo and Lagos states, with contractors of a dredging company, Indigo, who were returning to base. Eyewitnesses said they saw the chopper spinning before nose-diving 900 metres from the shore.The victims, The Nation gathered, had spent two weeks on the rig and were coming back for their two-week break, as it is the practice.

Helicopter Crash 6 editRumors have it that one person walked out of the crash without assistance. He was taken to the hospital on a motorcycle. The others had fractured limbs.

According to dredgers on Alonge Street, where the chopper nose-dived, the six persons rescued alive included a man who allegedly walked out of the crashed chopper, had serious injuries and was in pains. They alleged that the co-pilot, who was among those rescued, had broken limbs and held his back, gasping for air.

The dredgers told The Nation of their efforts at rescuing the passengers before emergency agencies arrived at the scene about 45 minutes later.

Ihindu, who alleged that his divers and equipment were deployed immediately the incident occurred, said one of the rescued passengers told them there were 14 people on board, including a woman.

He said all those rescued were male, identifying them as Solomon Ude, Joshua Emekanma, Chukwudi Onah, Dolu Ebiejuara, Iniala Paimi and Onoriode Ojiete.


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