People Didn’t Know I Was A Virgin Because I Wore Short Skirts – Tonto Dikeh |#KenReportsBlog

We love engagement bling! And about to be married Tonto Dikeh is giving us all a glimpse of her engagement ring for the first time! The actress whose introduction ceremony to Oladunni Churchill, went down a couple of weeks ago took to Instagram today to show off her canary yellow diamond ring. A visibly excited Tonto wrote this about her ring,

In a recent interview with Channels the soon to be Mrs. Churchill made a shocking revealation, saying that she had been married to Oladunni Churchill a lot longer than the public knows. She also says she has finally found happiness.

She said,

I have been (Married) for a very long time. I just kept the secret to myself . One mistake we do is having this very loud announcement on when you have been engaged and everything. It is only normal that the media helps you destroy your marriage before you even get into your home. So privacy is key in my marriage.

She did not reveal how long she has been married for but she say it has already changed her,
It has changed me alot. It has changed my perspective of life, the way I think.for one, it has made me a very happy woman. Something that I never used to have. Happiness is everything. If you are not happy, you can never be satisfied with what you have. I think it has opened my eyes to appreciate people despite the fact that they are who they are.

She also cleared up the pregnancy rumours,

It is a very good thing and something every woman should be proud of. I pray to be but then do I look pregnant?”

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